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  • Harvesting any data from the Internet.
  • Enriching¬†it into categorized information.
  • Structuring¬†and normalizing it for analysis and processing.


If you wish to create a successful business, a harmonious combination of current as well as future analysis of data could well be the perfect solution. This is easier said than done. In fact, let us face the common notion that collecting data from the enormous world of internet is more complicated than it seems to be. Then how can one go about having a perfect business without being ambiguous or inefficient when it comes to data retrieval process. The answer lies in harnessing the power of web data mining, blended with a more balancing strategy for business decisions.

A company of any nature, whether a credit card firm or a medical billing company, will benefit from data mined and updated periodically. This process also consists of predicted outcomes in readable format making the machine intelligence available in real time for further evaluation. It has already been known that in a business where you want to emphasize on other important things, techniques such as predictive analytic tools create a subtly coordinated atmosphere. Web data mining is an improved version of such techniques and is currently a recommended approach, for modeling and forecasting, by many companies across a diverse range of products and services – from insurance to real estate. As one can see, past behavior can form a basis for prediction of future trends. Having web data mining in the background can change the fate of a business and help it in making future decisions and planning.

Automated web data extraction comprises of types of techniques that work at enterprise level and those techniques that are used on the social network level. The type that are reserved for enterprise level can be interchanged with other levels too. For example, web data extraction that was originally meant for social media can be used to collect structured web data from any specified domain.

Another way of pointing out the usefulness of website data extraction or web scrapping is to view it in terms of the lifespan of an e-business. Generally speaking, data extracting programs are taught or conditioned to retrieve only those data that are user defined or the ones that follow a set of rules. This method also involves data monitoring, automated testing before the actual data is received, retrieving images and other objects from websites the process is targeting.

The core program needed to succeed in this venture of data extraction and make the world open up maximum number of possibilities for the business in question is a well-planned Standard Query Language (SQL) code. The relevant data is normally extracted from a relational database, that is popular and compatible with most servers, such as MySqL, Oracle, Access, Sybase or DB2.

Having a flexible machine to extract data also implies that a business shouldn’t be negligent of other forms of extraction and throw it to the wind. XML data extraction is achieved with web scraper software to load XML files and tags. HTML data extraction and PDF data extraction software, on the other hand, reads HTML and PDF files respectively on the web with the help of user generated search data or regular expressions.

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